Welcome, world wide web to my small corner of the internet! My name is Blaine Anderson and I currently reside in a small mansion with my brothers due to some, ah, issues back at home. Are you ready for a lot of little details in a very short time? I've known I was gay since I was twelve and am very, very single. My favorite subjects in school were Choir and English. My brothers are actually my identical brothers. No, I have never pretended to be any one of them. Outside of the house, I enjoy bad reality shows, medium drips from your generic, indie coffee shops, the bold fashion statement that is a bowtie, Top 40 radio, the musical sensation by the name of Katy Perry, and almost every show to grace the stages of Broadway. That was quite a list, but you get the gist. I'm a bit fuzzy on what I'd like to do once we're allowed out of this place, so if you have a hint, clue me in, okay? Honestly, I'm running out of surface details about myself, so I'll leave you to have a look around.


i'm not good at a one night stand
but i still need love 'cause i'm just a man ...
say something i’m giving up on you